Who We Benefit

COCD designs its services and projects to directly benefit children who are vulnerable to all forms of abuse. Because COCD uses an integrated approach, we work with children, families, schools, local authorities, community members, other NGOs and the government in ways that are ultimately advantageous to the children.

The beneficiaries of COCD’s services are defined as those children and young people whom the programs are specifically designed to help and support. These are children who…

Live in poor conditions
Are at risk of or who are experiencing abuse and/or exploitation
Experience sexual harassment/abuse
Undergo physical and emotional abuse
Work in the worst forms of child labor
Have no access to an education
Target groups are defined as those who COCD will work with directly to improve the lives of its beneficiaries. They can include both those who will benefit from services as well as those who participate in the program implementation. Therefore, COCD works with all of the following groups:

Villages (chiefs, local authorities, teachers, etc.)
Communes (police, other NGOs)
Provinces (lawyers, health and education departments, police, etc.)
National Government (Cambodia Against Child Trafficking, other NGOs, etc.)
Private Sector (local and large businesses, industry representatives, etc.)