Key achievement

Result 1: Economic Development for Community:
-108 families had their own cows provided by the project
-493 new families increased their knowledge of the agriculture technique (chicken’s raising and vegetable planting) to run their income generation.
-101 vulnerable children (aged 15-17 years old) had the skills through the vocational training organized by the project.

Result 2: Social Empowerment for Community :
– Around 95 % of the members of the commune council (CC) were able to develop a commune development plan in accordance with national gguidelines.
– 81% or 4628 household of 5700 HHs who are representatives which brought their needs and concern to CCs in decision-making and the commune development processes.
-395 families had their own goals to improve the family situation through consulting by the project
-160 children of 10 child clubs raised their voice in participatory development plan with CCs/CCWCs.

Result 3: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene ( WASH):
– 23 VHVs trained on WASH and were able to promote sanitation and hygiene.
– Hygiene-related diseases reduced by 84 %
– 3,392 villagers have been accessing to clean water from 57 wells which provided by the project.
-50% of 2565 families in the new target areas, had latrines and have been using it.
-3230 primary school students have been accessing to 11 double room toilets which are supported by the project.

Result 4: Child Protection and Development:
-The CCWC of the five communes allocated their own annual commune‘s resources to support for 642 OVCs.
-2177 among 3100 target OVCs have monitored and they have been assessing the different services provided by CCWCs.
-1188 OVCs have been supporting by an educational service which received co-funding from CCWCs, COCD, and other project stakeholders.
-Stakeholders development agencies have been cooperating in the project target areas through 25 quarterly meetings facilitated by the project.