Your contribution will directly help poor and vulnerable communities, especially children, find their own long-term solutions to poverty.

How far will your gift go?


One-off gift:

  • $50 can provide safe drinking water at primary schools for a month.
  • $90 can provide a primary school child with a scholarship to attend school for a year 

  • $450 can fund income-generation activities for a poor family for a year

  • $500 can provide working capital assistance to a Women’s Self-Help Group for a year

  • $700 can provide a cow to a poor family to help them to raise their income

  • $2000 can build a water well for use by 13-15 families 

How we use donations

80% of your donation is going to directly support vulnerable children and their families in our target communities. We ensure that your contribution is spent legally for its specific purpose. COCD does not accept donations that are suspected to be black money or from unknown sources.  

We promise our donors that we will:

  • be transparent

  • support effective work

  • measure what we do

  • add value to the money that you give us.

We are dedicated to transparency and accountability. COCD has an annual organizational financial audit by a professional audit firm which is recognized by the National Accounting Council (NAC), Ministry of Economics and Finance of Cambodia.

Thank you for supporting COCD’s work.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your donation.