COCD Approach

COCD Approach

COCD’s approach is informed by the Integrated Rural Development and Child’s Rights Based Approaches when developing their programs.

Integrated Rural Development

Integrated Rural Development is a holistic approach to working with communities. It seeks to incorporate health, education, and agriculture. Stakeholders include vulnerable children, families, the private sector, community members, international and local NGOs, local authorities, and health and education service providers. This approach has an emphasis on prevention and also focuses on addressing the structural causes of poverty and other social issues.


Child’s Rights-Based Approach

The Child Rights Based Approach (CRBA) is based on the human-rights based approach as it relates specifically to children. The approach uses the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as its guide. The four categories of rights, as outlined by UNICEF, which every child is entitled to, are:

  1. Right to Life and Health
  2. Right to Education
  3. Right to Protection and Care
  4. Right to Participation

The CRBA approach sees children as one of the most vulnerable groups at risk of human rights violations. Interventions focus on the causes of poverty, disadvantages and human rights violations.