Child Protection and Development

Ensure that children are educated, protected, and cared for.

A significant proportion of children are continuing to experience violence, abuse and exploitation due to poverty and/or their rights not being upheld.

Our goal is to ensure that children are educated, protected and cared for, with a focus on early childhood development and preschool age.

  • Work with children to increase their knowledge and skills for development.
  • Work with families & duty bearers to improve their capacity to protect and care for children.
  • Work with local authorities and the Government to strengthen child protection mechanisms and services.
  • Education scholarship programs.
  • Raise awareness of education opportunities.
  • Facilitate career development sessions with school children and families.
  • Invest in infrastructure & schooling resources such as school supplies, furniture and uniforms. 
  • Improve access & transport to schools.
  • Build capability of early childhood and primary school teachers to perform health check-ups and screen for malnutrition.
  • Strengthen child protection mechanisms by working with the government and other stakeholders.


Minea is 14 years old and attends grade 7 in Trapang Bei, which is 3 kilometers from her home. Her family lives in extreme poverty, supported by her widowed mother who is a rice farmer.

COCD with cooperation from the village chief, sponsored Minea’s education and education materials to reduce the burden on her mother. Minea also received a bicycle so she can get to and from school easier.

‘I am committed to studying hard and will never give up my passion.’– Phat Minea