Working Toward Protecting Children From Abuse and Exploitation

Welcome to COCD Cambodia

The Cambodian Organization for Children and Development (COCD) is a child focused development organization which operates in remote areas of Cambodia.

Vision: All children have quality social welfare and are free from all forms of abuse.

Mission: COCD aims to improve the quality of life of vulnerable and abused children in Cambodia through tackling structural causes of poverty, inequality, social exclusion and child abuse.

COCD helps around 1700 of Cambodia’s poorest families each year. COCD works directly with vulnerable children, their families and communities. COCD also works with government and other organizations to strengthen their ability to improve the lives of children and families.

Accountability: We meet our obligation to COCD, beneficiaries, target groups, partners and donors to use resources appropriately and ensure that programs will benefit the community.

Transparency: We make information fully available within the organization and with COCD beneficiaries, target groups, partners and donors.

Sharing: We jointly use information, resources and good practices.

Solidarity: We unite amongst board, staff, beneficiaries, target groups, partners and donors with shared goals.

Collaboration: We work together with board, staff, beneficiaries, target groups, partners and donors and share ideas, knowledge, skills and resources.

Integrity: We act according to the values, beliefs and principles that we claim to hold.

I have been privileged to be part of an organization that is making a significant difference to children’s lives.

COCD not only creates awareness around children’s rights and the responsibilities of guardians, but COCD addresses poverty as a way of reducing vulnerability. Poverty involves fear, stress, and sometimes depression; it means a thousand petty humiliations and hardships. A family trying their best to climb out of poverty often imposes a lot on their child, making the child vulnerable.

We, sworn duty-bearers and service providers for children’s rights, need to be realistic in our approaches in order to be really relevant. We need to be innovative and creative to ease the plight of poor children. I wish to assure you that we are totally committed to ensuring good lives for children, not to move up in our careers, but as responsible parents and because we have love for others in our hearts.


Bin Bora

Mr. Ung Pola is the founder of the Cambodian Organization for Children and Development (COCD). He graduated Master Degree in the Integrated Management for Agricultural and Rural Development and in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development from the Royal University of Agriculture, a well-known university in Cambodia.  He has more than 13 years of professional experience in leadership role. He used to work for other several local and international NGOs in Cambodia before establishing COCD in 2008. He has professional experience in the fields of child protection and development, social and economic empowerment for the marginalized, organizational development and integrated community development.  

Mr. Ung Pola has been recognized by development agencies, government and NGOs in Cambodia. He won the award (Gold Medal) from the Royal Government of Cambodia and from the King of Cambodia due to the higher performance to support the poor in rural areas. He was the Executive Director of COCD from March 2008 to September 2016. Under the time of his leadership, he successfully managed many development projects which made a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and the poor.

He also led COCD to become one of the Child Safe Organizations which have been certified by the Cambodia government (Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans, and Youth Rehabilitation). He is now also sitting on the board of directors of several NGOs in Cambodia. 

COCD was accredited as a Child Safe Organization (CSO) by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSVY) in July 2012.

COCD is one of only 9 registered Child Safe Organizations in Cambodia.

To be certified as a Child Safe Organization:

  • All staff, volunteers and visitors to project sites, are required to understand the Child Protection Policy (CPP) and sign the Child Safe Organization Code of Conduct.
  • All staff are committed to following all terms and conditions of the CPP and nine standards.
  • One staff member, known as the “Child Protection Officer” is responsible for monitoring any abuse within COCD.

COCD’s approach is informed by the Integrated Rural Development and Child’s Rights Based Approaches when developing their programs.


Integrated Rural Development

Integrated Rural Development is a holistic approach to working with communities. It seeks to incorporate health, education and agriculture. Stakeholders include the vulnerable children, families, the private sector, community members, international and local NGOs, local authorities, health and education service providers. This approach has an emphasis on prevention and also focuses on addressing the structural causes of poverty and other social issues.

Child’s Rights Based Approach

The Child Rights Based Approach (CRBA) is based on the human-rights based approach as it relates specifically to children. The approach uses the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as its guide. The four categories of rights, as outlined by UNICEF, which every child is entitled to, are:

  1. Right to Life and Health
  2. Right to Education
  3. Right to Protection and Care
  4. Right to Participation

The CRBA approach sees children as one of the most vulnerable groups at risk of human rights violations. Interventions focus on the causes of poverty, disadvantages and human rights violations.


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Let’s make a change! Together we are stronger, you give and we deliver to those in need, Pick one area you like to support and your donation is promised to make impact to each project. Browse options and make donation now

Provide one water well

- $2000 can provide per water well and use 13-15 families

13-15 Families
Provide a cow for a poor family to raise

- $700 can provide a cow for a poor family to raise their income

1 Family
Support Women Self-help Group

- $500 per year can support working capital assistant for women in Self-help group

support working capital assistant for women in Self-help group
Family for Income Generation Activity

- $450 can provide per poor family for income generation activity per year

1 Poor Family
Scholarship at Primary

- $90 can provide scholarship at primary school per vulnerable child per year

1 Vulnerable Child
Safe Drinking Water

- $50 can provide safe drinking water at primary schools for a month.

safe drinking water at primary schools for a month

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