Mr. Thu Vorn, 60, born in Talang Village, Baneav Commune, Chhuk District, Kampot Province. He was a former soldier during the Pol Pot regime in 1978 and he got married by matching arrangements from that organization in 1979. At that time, he got injured on his leg because the bullet in the thigh and then caused it handicap. After the war, he lived nearby Cambodia-Thai border with his wife. Unfortunately, his wife passed away and he has been pursuing his poor life for 10 years with his five children there.
In 1995, he decided to marry to a new wife, a native of Prey Pheay commune, Trapeang Phleang Commune, Chhouk District, Kampot province and lived together in 12 Kilo Village, Andong commune, Kampot town, Kampot province, by working as a fisherman at the sea for livelihoods but it could not afford for his family’s living. Therefore, he and his wife decided to sell their land and their homes to live in their hometown, where is at Prey Pheay village, Trapeang Phleang commune, Chhouk district, Kampot province. Firstly, he has bought land to build small hut for settling in with his wife and 8 children including 6 daughters. His eldest daughter, 23, and her four-year-old youngest daughter, living in the care of her eldest daughter, did not study, helping with housework and taking care of children, at that time, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth children went to school and then the seventh and eighth children did not go to school as their home is far away from school and they do not have transportation for school and other factor is because of the small.
Mr. Vorn and his family do farming and sometime, they used to find bamboo in the forest for selling in the market for income generation for his family. The poor man
“I cannot afford my family to live better as my foot has been painful since war time that I cannot work like other people, so the income is less, and then I and my wife are always sick regularly and we need to spend much for treatments. We want to live in a new place, but I do not have money at all, this is the reasons that I and my family are continuing to live in misery as the most”. He continues his eyes filling with tears “I am sometimes sick in bud in my poor hut without medicine for cure, and I’ve not thought that I’m still alive.” But for my children, I have to cope with my illness and to work hard to earn money to support my family, said by disable man.

According to the members of the village who live nearby, Mr. Thu Vorn’s family’s live faced with food shortage. Until 20 October 2017, COCD staff joined a village chief to create a self-help group in the area where Mr. Thu Vorn lived, and at that time, he attended, too. He was also elected as a vice chair of Self- Help Group from that time. At the time of the village savings team’s arrival, he was able to easily borrow money when there is a quick and easy way to loan, with a lower interest (3%) than a private bond, with a savings group ensured by the people who were members. At that time, he loaned 650,000 Riels to make chicken cope and to buy more chicken for raising. So far, his family has raised more than 100 chickens, including 30 hens, 2 cocks and other 68 chickens. As the result, he has sold 10 to 15 chicken per month that 1 kilo of chicken is 15000 Riels and this case, he can get income around 300,000 Riels per month from selling chicken.
He raised his voice “My family improved than before.” He is happy to have a savings group in his area that allows him and other villagers to loan easily and save money in order to help each other. Strong man continued “I would like to thank to COCD, which has cooperated with local authorities to create this Self-Help Group to help people in the village e not only make people access loan easily but also involvement of educating the members to collaborate to work together and to improve other knowledge on social development.

Finally, he said hopefully and strongly “However, I must try hard to earn more income through doing farming , finding more extra work such as being as worker in the mango tree in the free time because I need to spend much expense for his 7 children to go to school. I am planning to expand more chicken to raise for income generation for family as possible as I can, said by committed 60-year old man with 8 children.

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