Economic Empowerment

Large portions of the people living in COCD target areas are living in poor conditions. These communities lack access to capital, agricultural resources, fertile land, employment opportunities, vocational and income generation ability and social protection systems.

Poverty, in COCD target areas has resulted in a number of consequences for children and their families such as:

  • Poor health and levels of education
  • Higher vulnerability to exploitation and abuse
  • Lower levels of participation in civic activities

COCD works to reduce the vulnerability of children through improved and sustainable socio-economic livelihoods for communities.


Main Activities

Increase the number of young people and families who have access to capital and other resources to run businesses and make money

- Self-help savings groups

- Cow and buffalo banks

- Seed business loans

Increase vocational skills, income generation knowledge and support to young people and families


- Business skill development

- Training about farming and agriculture

- Locally developed income generation activities such as: mushroom growing, fish raising, soy milk production and wine production

Improve sanitation and access to water so that villagers can work productively


- Health education about hand washing, toilet use and preventable diseases

- Construction of water wells and toilets

- Partner with the department of health , rural development and other NGOs