Child Protection and Development

A significant amount of children are experiencing violence, abuse and exploitation in Cambodia. In COCD’s target areas there is limited information about these issues. Very few local organizations are addressing these issues and local authorities are struggling to fulfill their roles to protect children.

COCD is implementing projects focused on making COCD communities more aware of child rights and abuse of children. COCD will assist those responsible for protecting children to prevent and respond better to child abuse.

COCD is doing the following to ensure that children are educated, protected and cared for:


Main Activities

COCD works to improve children’s and community’s ability to protect and care for children

- Awareness raising activities about children’s rights

- Child rights and protection training for families, local authorities and community members

COCD helps improve and strengthen child protection mechanisms and services

- Social protection preparation planning and response for children and families in crisis

- Partnerships with local authorities and services

- Child protection services and support for children and those responsible for children

COCD works to increase children’s knowledge and skills to promote child development

- Educational scholarship program

- School enrollment campaigns

- Future planning and career development activities for children

- Child-friendly schools and preschools