Welcome to COCD

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The Cambodian Organization for Children and Development (COCD) is one of the few child focused development

Message from the Executive Director

Over the past six years, I have been privileged to be part of an organization that is making a significant difference to children’s lives.

COCD not only creates awareness around children’s rights and the responsibilities of guardians, but COCD addresses poverty as a way of reduc


Child Safe Organization (CSO)

COCD was recognized and certified by the Cambodian government as a Child Safe Organization (CSO) in December 2012 because of its strong child protection policies and extensive knowledge of children’s rights.  COCD is one of 9 Child Safe Organizations in Cambodia, from approximately 3,000 NG


Integrated Rural Development

Integrated Rural Development is a holistic approach to working with communities. It seeks to incorporate health, education and agriculture. Stakeholders include the vulnerable led light bulbs for home children, families, the private sector, community me


Child's Rights Based Approach

The Child Rights Based Approach (CRBA) is based on a development framework that supports a human-rights based approach as specifically for children. The approach uses the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as its guide. The four categories of rights, as outlined by UN


COCD's Achievements

-About 2,000 poor families receive benefits from COCD’s programs each year.

- About 6,000 vulnerable children are better protected from abuse and exploitation because of COCD

- COCD has provided access to clean drinking water for about 10,000 people who live in drought-